Addressing Australia’s Derelict and Vacant Properties Issue

The issue of derelict and vacant properties in Australia, particularly in urban hubs like Sydney and Melbourne, continues to be a pressing concern with multifaceted implications.

In Newtown, Sydney, derelict terrace houses have remained neglected for decades despite their prime location in a trendy area. This highlights a broader trend across the country where a significant number of residential properties lie vacant or underutilized, exacerbating housing shortages in both urban and rural areas.

Authorities are grappling with how to effectively address this issue. Strategies under consideration include imposing increased rates or taxes on vacant properties to incentivize owners to either utilize them or sell to those who will.

While tackling vacant properties poses legal and logistical challenges, there is mounting pressure on local and state governments to take decisive action to alleviate the housing crisis. As discussions evolve, stakeholders are exploring solutions that balance property rights with the urgent need for housing accessibility and affordability.


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Article Title: Are derelict homes part of the answer to Australia’s housing crisis?
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