Australians Grapple with “Forever Loans” as Housing Prices Skyrocket

Rising housing prices in Australia have pushed buyers into a new reality: taking out mortgages they anticipate never fully repaying. This phenomenon has forced some individuals to purchase homes later in life, raising concerns about retiring with mortgage debt.

The trend towards “forever loans” reflects a stark reality of the current housing market, where affordability challenges have reshaped financial planning for many Australians. Guardian Australia has called for readers to share their experiences with these long-term mortgages, aiming to shed light on the personal and financial impacts of housing unaffordability.

As housing costs continue to outpace income growth, the prospect of lifelong debt has become a daunting prospect for prospective homeowners. The issue underscores broader discussions about housing policy and affordability in Australia, prompting calls for innovative solutions to address the housing crisis.



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Article Title: Reader callout: have you taken out a mortgage you’ll never pay off in Australia?
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