Gold Coast Building Inspector Warns Homebuyers of Termite Risks

Dan Golin, a building inspector on the Gold Coast, is sounding the alarm for homebuyers about the perils of purchasing properties without thorough inspections, particularly concerning termite issues.

Termites pose a significant threat in the area, sometimes resulting in properties requiring demolition due to extensive damage. Golin advises buyers to remain vigilant for red flags like cover-ups and mismatched repairs, which could signal underlying termite damage.

Pre-purchase inspections are deemed crucial, but Golin emphasizes the importance of ensuring these inspections are comprehensive. Buyers may need to invest in additional scans or inspections to uncover potential issues.

With auctions being a common avenue for property sales, buyers are urged to exercise caution and consider obtaining independent building and pest reports before making a purchase.

Article Title: Rushed buyers at risk of purchasing homes with termites and structural issues, inspector warns
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