Rental Crisis in Sydney: Landlords Charging Per Bed Spark Overcrowding Concerns

In the midst of Sydney’s ongoing rental crisis, landlords are resorting to a controversial practice of charging rent per bed rather than per room. This trend, highlighted by listings on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, reveals rooms with multiple single beds priced individually at high rates.

The surge in this practice is fueled by tight vacancy rates and skyrocketing rental prices across the city. As landlords capitalize on the housing shortage, vulnerable tenants are increasingly subjected to overcrowded living conditions. Advocates and housing experts warn that such overcrowding not only compromises tenants’ privacy and comfort but also poses serious health and safety risks.

Despite growing concerns, there has been limited government intervention and regulation in Sydney’s rental market, allowing this exploitative practice to proliferate unchecked. With no immediate relief in sight for renters, the situation underscores the urgent need for policy measures to protect tenants and ensure affordable, safe housing in Sydney



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Article Title: $250 per bed: Outrage at ‘opportunistic’ landlords in Sydney’s rental market
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