Roseville Residents Sell Historic Homes for High-Density Housing Amid Government Push

Residents in Roseville, a picturesque suburb in Northern Sydney known for its historic homes, are making significant decisions to sell their properties. This move comes in response to the state government’s ambitious plan to increase housing density near transport hubs, including train stations.

In an effort to capitalize on the booming property market, neighbors are pooling their resources and selling their parcels as amalgamated blocks. This strategy aims to attract developers interested in constructing high-density housing developments.

The government’s plan involves the construction of 138,000 new apartments across 31 suburbs, all located within 400 meters of train stations. While this initiative promises to alleviate housing shortages and improve accessibility, it has sparked concerns among residents and local councils.

Critics have raised issues regarding the potential loss of historical homes, the strain on local infrastructure, and challenges from local councils opposing the government’s aggressive development policies.

As Roseville navigates through these changes, residents and stakeholders continue to debate the balance between urban development and preserving the suburb’s historical character. The outcome of these discussions will play a crucial role in shaping the future landscape of this vibrant Northern Sydney community.

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Article Title: Northern Sydney residents selling historic homes ahead of expected redevelopment
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