South Australian Landowners Transform Vineyards into Solar Farms

In South Australia’s Riverland region, landowners like Cathy Kruger are embracing renewable energy by repurposing unproductive land into solar farms.

Kruger recently leased a 7-hectare property to host a solar farm for 40 years, converting former vineyards affected by the red wine oversupply issue into a sustainable energy source. The solar farm, boasting a capacity of 22 megawatts, is poised to provide electricity for approximately 500 households.

With a growing demand for renewable energy projects across Australia, opportunities abound for landowners to participate in the transition to sustainable energy while generating long-term passive income.

Notably, community support for such initiatives is high, with neighbors expressing willingness to live near renewable energy projects, as indicated by a recent CSIRO poll.


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Article Title: Regional property owners joining transition to renewable energy with solar farm land leases
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