Sydney Mothers Speak Out Against Housing Crisis

In Sydney, mothers like Lucie, Libby, and Rachael are bravely sharing their stories of housing insecurity and financial strain in the face of skyrocketing rent prices and dodgy landlords.

Lucie, a hardworking mother, juggles three jobs just to keep up with steep rent increases, while Libby recounts her distressing experience with a negligent landlord that resulted in property damage and financial loss. Rachael’s story is particularly harrowing, as she faced homelessness after fleeing domestic violence and continues to grapple with housing instability.

These testimonies shed light on the cracks in the housing system, revealing the emotional distress and financial strain experienced by renters across Sydney.

In response to these challenges, the People’s Commission on the Housing Crisis aims to advocate for real action to address these issues and provide support to those affected by the housing crisis.

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Article Title: The faces of Australia’s devastating housing crisis revealed as first-ever People’s Commission begins
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