Sydney’s Sirius Building Transformed into Luxury Apartments Amid Housing Crisis Criticism

Once a symbol of social housing in Sydney, the Sirius building has undergone a controversial transformation into luxury apartments, with prices starting at $15 million. The final 76 apartments, sold for approximately $150 million in 2019, mark a significant shift from its original purpose.

Critics, including NSW housing minister Rose Jackson, have denounced the conversion as a setback for public housing efforts and a contributor to worsening affordability in the city. The development reflects broader concerns over privatization in urban housing policies and its impact on vulnerable populations.

Advocates lament the loss of affordable housing opportunities once provided by Sirius, highlighting the profound implications for Sydney’s housing crisis and socio-economic inequality.


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Article Title: From social housing to $1.5m for a studio: minister hits out at ‘dud deal’ sale of Sydney’s Sirius building
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