Victorian Government Introduces Energy Efficiency Standards for Rental Properties

The Victorian government is set to implement new heating and cooling standards for rental properties, aiming to enhance energy efficiency and affordability for renters. These standards mandate minimum requirements for insulation, draught proofing, hot water efficiency, and cooling systems in rental homes across the state.

Under these proposed regulations, renters stand to benefit significantly, with estimated savings of approximately $567 annually on energy bills. The measures are designed to not only reduce household expenses but also contribute to climate resilience by making rental properties more efficient and cost-effective to run.

Rental providers will be required to transition to energy-efficient appliances gradually to comply with the new standards. Compliance is scheduled to commence from October 30, 3030, allowing time for landlords and property managers to make necessary adjustments.

The Victorian government’s initiative underscores a commitment to improving living conditions for renters while advancing environmental sustainability goals. By setting higher standards for energy performance in rental properties, the government aims to create healthier, more comfortable living spaces and reduce carbon footprints statewide.

As the implementation date approaches, stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed about the changes and ensure readiness to meet the new requirements for enhanced energy efficiency in rental accommodations across Victoria.


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Article Title: Victoria moves to improve minimum heating and cooling standards for rentals
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