Queensland Report Reveals Housing Affordability Crisis for Frontline Workers

A recent report by Property Council Australia has shed light on a pressing housing affordability crisis faced by frontline workers across Queensland, particularly in the south-east region. The report underscores that essential workers, including childcare providers and public servants, are struggling to afford housing, with costs consuming more than 30% of their income.

The challenges highlighted in the report paint a stark picture of professionals grappling with the high cost of renting or purchasing homes, which significantly impacts their ability to live near their workplaces. This dilemma not only affects their quality of life but also influences career decisions as limited affordable housing options restrict where they can reside.

To address these issues, the report proposes several solutions, including the use of available land for housing developments, the introduction of shared equity schemes, and a reassessment of property tax policies. These measures are aimed at making housing more accessible and affordable for frontline workers who play crucial roles in the community.

Advocates are urging the government to take decisive action by implementing affordability requirements and investing in initiatives that support affordable housing projects. The goal is to create sustainable solutions that alleviate the housing burden on essential workers and ensure they can live comfortably in proximity to their workplaces.

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Article Title: Property Council of Australia report finds frontline workers are being priced out of the Queensland housing market
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