Woolloongabba High-Density Housing Plan Faces Green Party Opposition

A high-density housing proposal for Woolloongabba, Brisbane, is encountering opposition from the Greens. The plan, part of the Woolloongabba Priority Development Area (PDA), aims to allow the construction of 75-storey apartment towers, with 20% of units dedicated to social affordable housing.

Despite provisions for housing diversity, sustainability, and infrastructure enhancements—including open spaces, bicycle lanes, and transportation links to future rail and metro stations—the Greens express concerns about the plan’s affordability and the insufficient inclusion of public housing.

Supporters argue the development will provide much-needed housing options near key amenities and public transport, addressing Brisbane’s growing housing demands. However, the debate continues over balancing high-density growth with equitable and inclusive housing solutions.


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Article Title: Apartment towers up to 75 storeys proposed for Woolloongabba to alleviate housing crisis opposed by Greens
Retrieved from abc.net.au

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