Generational Inequality in Australia Worsens Due to Unfavorable Housing Policies

Economist Ross Garnaut has raised concerns about the risk of widening generational inequality in Australia, attributing it to housing tax policies that disadvantage younger generations. Current economic circumstances, marked by a rising cost of living, are making it increasingly difficult for young Australians to access housing and secure stable employment.

Professor Garnaut emphasizes the need to return to full employment, create genuine job opportunities, and simplify housing construction to address these disparities. Adjustments to existing policies are crucial to improve housing affordability and create a fairer economy for the youth.

He underscores the significant roles that interest rates, employment opportunities, and housing supply play in shaping the economic futures of young Australians. Addressing these factors is essential to mitigate frustration and foster a more equitable society.


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Article Title: Ross Garnaut says housing and tax reform are needed to improve economic prospects of young people
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