Regional Australia Offers High Rental Yields and Growth for Investors

Contrary to popular belief, property investors in Australia can still find regional locations that offer both high rental yields and capital growth. Various regions such as Moree, Mackay, Red Cliffs, Port Augusta, and Broome are highlighted for providing yields above 5%, with some even reaching up to 7%.

These areas are experiencing robust growth driven by factors like infrastructure developments, population increases, and economic advancements. In the past two years, despite strong price growth, many regional towns continue to offer attractive returns. The article identifies 50 locations across regional Australia where affordable investment opportunities yield around 5-7% and exhibit solid price growth potential.

This trend debunks the myth that investors cannot achieve strong rental returns and capital growth in one investment, emphasizing the importance of choosing locations wisely.


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Article Title: The bounding regional hotspots delivering high price growth, rental yields
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