Greg Gardner Builds $12 Million French Chateau-Inspired Mansion in Southeast Queensland

Renowned builder Greg Gardner, of GJ Gardner Homes, is embarking on the construction of a luxurious French chateau-inspired mansion in Eerwah Vale, Southeast Queensland. This opulent residence will boast 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a grand ballroom, and a staggering 14 car spaces.

Set to be Mr. Gardner’s dream home, the mansion will feature imported sandstone bricks from France and will operate off-grid with extensive solar panels and batteries, aligning with his commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the property will showcase a sprawling garden, complete with a serene pond and a captivating fountain at its center.

Amidst the flourishing real estate market in Noosa, where property prices soar, this ambitious project represents a pinnacle of luxury living. Notably, recent sales, like the $30 million transaction on Witta Circle, underscore the enduring allure of high-end properties in the region.


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Article Title: Man building $12 million ‘French chateau’ near Bruce Highway, Greg Gardner, says he wanted a bigger garage
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