Landlord Faces Financial Losses as Tenants Refuse to Vacate Property in Queensland

A landlord in Queensland has encountered significant financial losses and delays due to tenants who refused to leave after their lease expired, impacting the sale of the property.

The situation escalated to legal proceedings, resulting in additional costs for the landlord, including legal fees and travel expenses. Despite efforts to resolve the issue, the tenants remained adamant about staying beyond the lease end date.

To address the matter, the landlord sought assistance from the Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) to obtain a warrant for possession. However, the process incurred further delays and expenses.

According to Tenants Queensland, instances of tenants refusing to vacate beyond the lease end date are not uncommon. Landlords are advised to provide proper notice and pursue legal recourse through QCAT if tenants do not voluntarily leave.

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Article Title: Queensland landlord spends thousands in ‘awfully challenging’ bid to evict tenants on expired lease
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