Historic Churches in Australia Repurposed as Homes and Accommodations

In a growing trend, former churches in regional areas of Victoria and New South Wales are being transformed into unique family homes and Airbnb accommodations. This innovative repurposing effort preserves the historical and architectural significance of these buildings while adapting them to contemporary uses.

Towns like Talgarno and Bethanga are seeing their old churches, once central to community life, being converted into charming family residences. These transformations maintain the buildings’ historical charm and community appeal, offering a new lease on life as vibrant homes.

The trend is driven by declining congregations and the high costs associated with maintaining these historic structures. Many churches across regional Victoria, including St Francis Catholic Church and Holy Trinity Anglican Church, have been sold and repurposed into residential or commercial properties.

In Avenel, the closure of St Mary’s Catholic Church due to dwindling attendance led to its sale and subsequent repurposing, showcasing how these buildings can find new life and functionality.

Investors are also recognizing the potential of these unique properties. Converting old churches into Airbnb accommodations has become a popular venture, attracting guests seeking a distinctive and historical experience. This approach not only preserves the churches’ heritage but also provides a sustainable use that benefits local tourism.

As more old churches find new purposes, these transformations highlight the creative and practical ways communities are preserving their architectural history while adapting to modern needs. Further updates on this trend will be provided as more churches are repurposed and new uses are explored.


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Article Title: Former churches converted into homes, holiday accommodation as places of worship are closed and sold
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