Keeping Warm in Southern Australia: Renter-Friendly Tips for Winter Comfort and Savings

During winter, many homes in southern Australia struggle to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, often falling short of recommended guidelines. This issue is compounded by landlords who historically lacked incentives to improve energy efficiency in rental properties.

However, renters can take proactive steps to stay warm and reduce energy bills using simple, DIY methods. Sealing air leaks, using electric blankets, choosing effective window coverings, covering cold floors with rugs, and optimizing ceiling fan usage are practical strategies recommended by experts.

Sealing gaps with window seal tapes and draft stoppers, along with utilizing area rugs and running ceiling fans in reverse mode, can significantly enhance both home comfort and energy efficiency. These solutions are cost-effective and do not require substantial investments, making them accessible for renters seeking to improve their living conditions during colder months.

By implementing these tips, renters in southern Australia can create a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment, even in homes traditionally prone to winter chill.


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Article Title: Budget-friendly tips to keep rented homes warm in winter
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