Sydney Calls for Reforms as Thousands of Airbnb Rentals Operate Without Registration

The City of Sydney is pushing for significant reforms in the short-term rental sector amid concerns that thousands of properties listed on Airbnb are operating without valid registrations. A recent report commissioned by the city identified discrepancies, noting around 2,500 active properties compared to AirDNA’s data indicating 5,500 properties.

Enforcing registration requirements has proven challenging, with evidence suggesting loopholes are being exploited. This situation has prompted calls for stricter regulations and a more robust compliance system to ensure transparency and fair play in the market.

Officials from other Australian cities, including Brisbane and Victoria’s government, are also exploring measures such as permits and levies to regulate short-term rentals and address housing affordability issues. The effectiveness of current regulations has been questioned, with enforcement policies described as fragmented.

Efforts at both state and local government levels are underway to review regulations and promote the long-term rental use of properties over short-term accommodations, aiming to stabilize housing markets and enhance community living standards.


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Article Title: Thousands of short-stay rentals flouting registration rules in Sydney, research finds
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