NSW Councils Set Ambitious Targets for 400,000 New Homes Amid Government Incentives

New South Wales councils are gearing up to meet ambitious housing targets set by the state government, aiming to construct nearly 400,000 new homes over the next five years. Premier Chris Minns unveiled updated targets for 43 councils, emphasizing a strategic focus on brownfield development and established areas.

The initiative seeks to achieve a more equitable distribution of new housing across the state, aiming to rebalance growth towards existing urban areas. The government has allocated a substantial $200 million incentive scheme to accelerate development and support infrastructure needs in these burgeoning communities.

Minns highlighted the importance of encouraging councils to meet key milestones through financial incentives and transparent planning benchmarks. A new council “league table” will be introduced to assess and compare planning performance across different regions.

As NSW strives to address housing affordability and urban expansion challenges, these measures aim to foster sustainable growth and meet the diverse housing needs of its population.


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Article Title: NSW government reveals where 377,000 new homes will be built in Sydney and regional areas by 2029
Retrieved from theguardian.com
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