Victorian Government Proposes New Heating and Cooling Standards for Rental Properties

The Victorian state government has unveiled plans to introduce rigorous heating and cooling standards for all rental properties across the state. Under the proposed regulations, landlords will be required to implement measures such as draught proofing doors, installing ceiling insulation, and replacing broken appliances with energy-efficient models.

These upgrades are expected to significantly benefit renters, potentially saving them approximately $567 annually on energy bills. The initiative aims not only to enhance energy efficiency but also to improve overall comfort and health conditions for tenants.

The new standards are scheduled to be phased in by October 2025, encompassing a broad spectrum of rental accommodations, including rooming houses. This move underscores the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable living practices and ensuring that rental properties meet modern energy performance expectations.

As discussions continue, stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback to refine and finalize the proposed standards, ultimately aiming for a more sustainable and tenant-friendly rental housing market in Victoria.

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Article Title: Victoria seeks to end draughty rentals in revamp of heating and cooling standards
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