Perth’s Property Market Forecast: Growth Shifts to Affluent Western Suburbs

The Perth property market is poised for significant changes in the coming years, with expectations of continued growth shifting towards the affluent western suburbs. Traditionally, outer suburban areas have dominated property price growth, but recent trends indicate a potential reversal in this pattern.

While elite segments of the market have remained relatively stable, signs of growth are emerging in suburbs closer to Perth’s CBD and coastal regions. Areas like Mount Lawley, Subiaco, and Shenton Park, located near the fringe of the western suburbs, have shown notable increases in house prices, signaling a potential resurgence in the region’s property market.

The shift in focus towards the western suburbs is attributed to factors such as white-collar executive employment growth, which contrasts with the outer suburbs’ reliance on the strength of the mining sector. This divergence in economic drivers is reshaping the dynamics of Perth’s property landscape, with implications for both investors and homeowners.

In the unit market, investors face a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges, with different property types offering varying rental yields and amenities. However, supply shortages persist in the coastal western corridor, fueling expectations of continued strong capital performance in the months ahead.

As Perth’s property market undergoes this transformative phase, stakeholders are advised to remain vigilant and adapt to evolving trends. Further updates on market dynamics and performance will be provided as they unfold.


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Article Title: Perth’s affluent golden triangle squaring up to red hot outer suburbs
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