Policy Shift Needed to Promote Medium-Density Living in Australian Cities

Current Australian state government policies are falling short in promoting higher density living in major cities, a shortcoming that affects both the workforce and the environment. According to PGS Invest, significant policy changes are necessary to foster unit living options, which are seen as a sustainable solution to the housing crisis.

Challenges facing urban density improvement include poor urban planning, housing affordability issues, restrictive land use regulations, and cultural preferences for detached houses. These factors collectively hinder the development of medium-density housing, which is essential for sustainable urban growth.

PGS Invest highlights that embracing medium-density living can offer several benefits, including better locational choices for residents, cost-effective housing solutions, and positive environmental impacts. To achieve these benefits, there is a pressing need for policy shifts and a change in societal perceptions towards medium-density housing.

Promoting medium-density living involves diversifying housing options, unlocking more housing supply, and enhancing environmental stewardship. Such measures are crucial for effectively addressing Australia’s housing crisis and ensuring sustainable urban development.

As discussions on urban density and housing policies continue, stakeholders are urged to consider these insights and work towards a more sustainable and inclusive housing strategy for Australia’s major cities. Further updates on policy developments and their impacts will be provided as they emerge.


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Article Title: Gruelling commutes and endless expansion, or more units; it’s time for change
Retrieved from apimagazine.com.au

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